global concepts services



Global Concepts engineers know how to make your design vision a success. We will work along-side your engineering and new product team to find the solution to your design needs. Our engineers come from a successful product engineering background guaranteeing a vast knowledge base in office furniture, medical & constructions industries.

Your product concept will move through a multi-faceted engineering process that includes: Idea, research, initial and final design, and cost effective material options.

Global Concepts is your engineering partner — committed to creative solutions in every stage of product life.


Global Concepts team members are experts in light assembly. They make sure that your finished product mirrors the engineered design and meet quality standards. Kitting of component parts, light mechanical assembly and sub-assemblies are our specialty.

Our employees are trained in every aspect of light assembly including problem solving and quickly addressing defective materials.

Quality auditors are focused and driven to solve any issues identified in production before delivery to you. Problems are identified and moved through a rigorous solution process. We follow the established standard, identify the conditions, find gaps and then get to the point and fix it.

Our goal is your finished product – perfect each and every time.


Global Concepts sets the bar in quality logistics. Our warehouse capabilities allow for flawless connections with top-notch carriers. Our administration is straight forward in both international and domestic transportation.

Our logistics system works side by side in successful management of inventory. Inventory management success drives down costs, waste and keeps your production times moving to your end production goal. We specialize in reducing costs on quality materials at desired lead times.

"Global Concepts is successful because we have experience in the industries that we support. Our material planners communicate daily, not weekly. That communication allows us to see outside of the box and forecast ups and downs. We can produce product while keeping inventory at a minimum."
Material Planner